"The Codenomicon tools are amazing. Using them is like being attacked by the most relentless adversary who uses every possible method to find flaws in your code

We fixed subtle crash bugs in Samba that had been in the code for over ten years. We would never have found those bugs without the Codenomicon tools.

If you're serious about implementing protocols correctly, you need the Codenomicon tools."

-- Jeremy Allison,
   Co Creator of Samba

Customer Success Stories

Preemptive security helps customers save money and manage risk

Our preemptive security platform is helping customers protect their systems and data from new, sophisticated, zero-day attacks – saving them from increased development costs, product recalls, costly software upgrades, damage to their brands, and the legal exposure caused by security incidents, service interruptions and failures.

Secure and Reliable Connections: Case Study with Uros

Uros created a personal Wi-Fi hotspot called Goodspeed, which connects to the internet over a cellular network. Equipped with several SIM card-slots allowing low-cost internet access in several countries, Goodspeed is aimed for business travellers. To fulfill the customers' expectations, Goodspeed had to be accessible and available under changing network conditions. It was very soon realized that traditional security testing/robustness testing was not good enough. Read more and download the case study.

Telecom manufacturer case study

Iskratel is one of the top-ranking providers of state-of-the-art communications solutions, with more than 50 years of experience in the world of telecommunications.

They have been using Defensics for negative and security testing of Iskratel products since 2008.

We interviewed Ms. Renata Stular, the head of multimedia core verification group within Iskratel's verification and testing department, to hear about Iskratel's experiences in testing with Codenomicon Defensics.

Read the entire case study here.

An independent perspective - Frost and Sullivan

Frost and Sullivan's white paper, "SECURITY & ROBUSTNESS TEST INNOVATION; DRIVERS, CONSIDERATIONS AND CODENOMICON," gives several examples of how customers are implementing DEFENSICS to minimize threats to online applications, networks, mobile devices and critical infrastructure.

To read the entire white paper, click here for a PDF version.

Example: Major Telecom Device Manufacturer

Several years ago, a zero-day vulnerability was announced publically that would have compromised the core operating software in a network device that was part of the critical infrastructure of top financial institutions, major Internet service providers and governments around the world.

Fortunately, this device manufacturer had alreay discovered this flaw with DEFENSICS and was able to release and distribute a patch concurrent with the public discolure. This preemptive security testing saved this vendor from major monetary damages and liabilities. <read more>

Example: Top Tier Carrier

Having purchased DEFENSICS for their predeployment test labs, a top tier carrier has been able to preemptively discover security and quality flaws in their latest VoIP services. This carrier understood that the definition of quality now must include the robustness and security of network protocols, APIs and applications.

They were able to test their internally developed software along with the protocol implementations of the their suppliers devices. In the end, the carrier was able to work more efficiently with these suppliers to mitigate these flaws and deliver a robust service more quicly to their customers. <read more>