"The Codenomicon tools are amazing. Using them is like being attacked by the most relentless adversary who uses every possible method to find flaws in your code

We fixed subtle crash bugs in Samba that had been in the code for over ten years. We would never have found those bugs without the Codenomicon tools.

If you're serious about implementing protocols correctly, you need the Codenomicon tools."

-- Jeremy Allison,
   Co Creator of Samba

Testing Services

Outsourced robustness and fuzz testing

Most organizations lack time and resources to carry out testing as well as experience in running robustness testing and fuzzing tools. Instead of purchasing commercial tools, companies often fall back to time-consuming manual work.

Codenomiconís solution allows you to outsource robustness testing and fuzz testing to our expert resources on a pay-for-service engagement, overcoming any lack of in-house resources. Also smaller companies can access tools they otherwise might not afford.

Custom test development

Many companies use proprietary protocols in internal interfaces between devices from the same vendor, and proprietary extensions are written to extend the functionality of public standards.

Codenomiconís solution offers robustness or vulnerability test tools written specifically for proprietary protocols, protocol extensions or internal interface points. Our test development service integrates custom protocols or custom test scenarios into Codenomiconís Defensics testing platform.

Test lab management (Advanced)

Test laboratory management needs centralized test automation and work distribution, collaboration and results sharing. Codenomicon can help you to integrate our fuzzing products to your existing test automation an ticketing systems.

Codenomiconís Security Test lab management service allows you to manage your security findings with vendor and outsourcing communities, and to provide auditing capability of abstracted results up to your customers.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about our testing services, contact us at sales@codenomicon.com.