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Testing and auditing services when additional expertise is needed to take proactive defense to the next level
Advanced training and shared insights by our seasoned engineers and security experts
A new verification program to ensure the highest levels of security, quality

Training & Testing To Address Tomorrow’s Threats

Systems developed and tested with Codenomicon are built for optimal security. But as the threats and attacks become more sophisticated, organized and well-funded, many organizations are looking for additional resources, be it to advance their own teams, or to confirm and verify the highest levels of robustness and security. This is why Codenomicon’s array of training, auditing and verification services have been created.

Building A Resilient World

With Codenomicon’s services, customers receive full advantage of Codenomicon tools and security expertise. Vendors, operators, enterprises and government agencies can all benefit from these professional services. Codenomicon’s professional service consultants are highly experienced in network auditing techniques, protocol testing methodology, and security and quality assurance best practices, working to meet business, performance, assurance and compliance requirements in a timely and cost- effective manner.