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AppCheck is an analysis platform that provides a comprehensive bill of materials of any software and device
Defensics is a powerful testing platform that enables developers and asset owners to proactively discover and remediate unknown vulnerabilities in software and devices
Automated, aggregated and actionable threat intelligence to enable effective security response

The Codenomicon Platform

Codenomicon delivers a next-generation suite of threat awareness and proactive security testing solutions that verify and fortify software security and robustness, working together to deliver strength and security at the Core. Individually, these solutions provide new layers of testing, robustness, intelligence, collaboration and security. Together, they deliver strength in visibility.

Defensics is unsurpassed in finding unknown vulnerabilities. No other solution does more to quickly discover unknown vulnerabilities and flaws to bolster robustness and manage risk by future-proofing the very core of connected systems, solutions and software.

AppCheck brings total visibility to the digital assets that organizations of all sizes frequently use to build and expand their digital infrastructure. AppCheck catalogs, scans, and identifies every digital asset, identifying key vulnerabilities and outlining known corresponding fixes, presenting accurate documentation and a clear path to remediation.

AbuseSA provides governments, CERTs and cyber authorities with automated, aggregated and actionable threat intelligence to enable effective security response. Transform the overwhelming expanse of threat data into manageable reports and intelligence.