"The Codenomicon tools are amazing. Using them is like being attacked by the most relentless adversary who uses every possible method to find flaws in your code

We fixed subtle crash bugs in Samba that had been in the code for over ten years. We would never have found those bugs without the Codenomicon tools.

If you're serious about implementing protocols correctly, you need the Codenomicon tools."

-- Jeremy Allison,
   Co Creator of Samba

Press Releases

Codenomicon Launches Verification Program for Critical Systems 2014-08-06
Janet CSIRT and CERT-UK automate incident response with AbuseSA 2014-07-31
KPN adopts Codenomicon for zero-day vulnerability discovery 2014-07-30
Technology Behind Heartbleed Identification Now Integrated Into Codenomicon Defensics™ 11.3 2014-06-24
Tigerspike addresses critical mobile security vulnerabilities through partnering with Codenomicon 2014-05-06
Codenomicon Advising Internet Community on Serious Internet Vulnerability Dubbed "Heartbleed" 2014-04-09
Apple bug in SSL/TLS can be detected with Codenomicon Defensics 2014-02-27
Codenomicon Defensics earns formal recognition as a verification tool for industrial control systems cybersecurity certification 2013-11-13
Codenomicon Releases DEFENSICS 11.1 with ISAsecure Compliance Package and Industrial Load Tester 2013-11-07
FDA Chooses Codenomicon Defensics for Fuzz Testing Solutions 2013-07-25 Finnish
Howard A. Schmidt, Former White House Cybersecurity Advisor, Becomes the Chairman of Codenomicon's Board of Directors 2013-06-30 Finnish
Codenomicon in Locked Shields Cyber Defence Exercise 2013-05-22
New Software Development Kit complements Codenomicon's Traffic Capture Fuzzer 2013-03-14
Howard A. Schmidt, Former White House Cybersecurity Advisor, Joins Codenomicon Board of Directors 2012-09-06
CETECOM Launches Premium Device and Application Security Testing Services 2012-07-24
Codenomicon joins MDISS to save lives from faulty medical devices 2012-06-26
Smart TVs are Vulnerable: Codenomicon Crashes Home Entertainment 2012-06-21
Codenomicon helps fix RSA signature verification vulnerability in strongSwan 2012-06-12
Codenomicon Security Expert appointed to the MSF board of directors 2012-05-16 Finnish
Codenomicon Fuzz-o-Matic finds a Critical Flaw in OpenSSL 2012-05-11 Finnish
Be Careful What You Share: Numerous Vulnerabilities Found in Storage Devices 2012-04-26 Finnish
CETECOM becomes Codenomicon Preferred Testing Partner 2012-04-23
NATO Cyber Security Exercise, Clarified! 2012-03-28 Finnish
Codenomicon receives 2012 Frost and Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award 2012-03-21
Codenomicon named to Magic Quadrant for Dynamic Application Security Testing 2012-02-20 Finnish
Codenomicon announced 10th consecutive year of growth and strong performance 2012-02-17
Codenomicon Launches Fuzz-o-Matic Software Security Testing-as-a-Service Platform 2012-01-24
Codenomicon Releases Defensics X Fuzzing Platform 2011-11-09
Codenomicon and FH Brandenburg work together for safer tomorrow 2011-10-19
MultiServiceForum Introduces Robustness Testing at VoLTE Interoperability Event 2011-09-28
Codenomicon warns about poor quality of Bluetooth equipment 2011-09-20
The Leading Experts in Fuzz Testing Come Together in Las Vegas 2011-07-29 Finnish
Acquisition Expands Codenomicon's Offering of Proactive Defense Solutions 2011-05-23 Finnish
Codenomicon Revisits Service Portfolio 2011-04-20
Codenomicon launches Universal Fuzzer for testing all software 2011-04-19 Finnish
Codenomicon and Telcordia Offer Enhanced Vulnerability Testing for Next-Generation Telecom Networks 2011-04-14 Finnish
Codenomicon Launches First Lifecycle Model for Managing Unknown Vulnerabilities 2011-03-29 Finnish
Codenomicon to Release Service Assurance Tools for NGN and Legacy Telecoms 2011-02-08 Finnish
Codenomicon's 10 Year Anniversary Kicks-Off With Strong Financial Performance 2011-02-01 Finnish
Codenomicon Security Test Solutions Now Available For Over 200 Protocols 2011-01-05 Finnish
Codenomicon CTO to Present on VoIP Security Threats at the 3GPP ETSI IMS Workshop 2010-11-18
Codenomicon Tools for High Speed Fuzzing 2010-10-06 Finnish
Codenomicon Automates Penetration Testing 2010-04-27
Codenomicon Launches Network Time Machine 2010-03-29 Finnish
MSF Introduces Robustness Testing at LTE IOT event 2010-03-02
Microsoft selects Codenomicon to join the SDL Pro Network 2010-02-04 Finnish
Codenomicon is offering a free fuzzing tool 2010-02-03 Finnish
Codenomicon Board Member Appointed US Chief of Cybersecurity 2009-12-23 Finnish
Codenomicon is recognized for its Leadership in the Security Test Market 2009-11-24 Finnish
Codenomicon releases the first software based general purpose security testing solution 2009-11-05 Finnish
Codenomicon releases the first security testing product for XML 2009-09-22 Finnish
Codenomicon DEFENSICS for XML finds multiple critical security issues in XML libraries 2009-08-05 Finnish
Emenda becomes reseller for Codenomicon in the fast growing UK security and quality market 2009-07-07 Finnish
Codenomicon delivers Security as a Service solution for the security, vulnerability, and robustness test markets 2009-04-20 Finnish
Codenomicon works with industry to overcome XML vulnerability & robustness issues 2009-02-24 Finnish
Codenomicon Becomes One of the Red Herring Global 100 for 2008 2009-01-19 Finnish
Codenomicon Launches IPTV Vulnerability & Robustness Testing Solution at GMI 2008 Event 2008-10-29 Finnish
Wurldtech And Codenomicon Form Strategic Alliance To Develop Next-Generation Cyber-Security Solutions 2008-08-14 Finnish
Codenomicon Named "Cool Vendor"
by Leading Analyst Firm
2008-07-24 Finnish
Codenomicon Appoints New CEO and Vice President of Marketing to Drive Worldwide Growth and Brand Awareness for Security Test Tool Leader 2008-06-30 Finnish
New Technology Finds New Flaws in Widely-used Internet Services 2008-05-29 Finnish
Codenomicon Defensics 3.0 Receives the 2008 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product of the Year 2008-05-28 Finnish
Codenomicon Announces Next-Generation Security Testing Software 2008-04-01 Finnish
Codenomicon DEFENSICS Software Test Suite wins prestigious Jolt Productivity Award 2008-03-18 Finnish
Codenomicon adds distinguished cyber security expert, software innovator and entrepreneur to its Board of Directors 2008-02-05 Finnish
Codenomicon Expands its Operations 2007-12-04 Finnish
Codenomicon Receives the National INNOFINLAND Award 2007-11-21 Finnish
Codenomicon Earns Northern Ostrobothnia Recognition in INNOFINLAND Contest 2007-11-15 Finnish
Codenomicon introduces DEFENSICS for WLAN 2007-10-29 Finnish
Codenomicon strengthens quality and security testing for Network Storage Vendors 2007-09-10 Finnish
Codenomicon earns Frost and Sullivan's 2007 Product Differentiation and Innovation Award 2007-08-14 Finnish
Codenomicon chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the AO 100 Top Private Companies for 2007 2007-07-25 Finnish
Codenomicon launches program to benefit open source security 2007-03-26 Finnish
Codenomicon wins the Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2007 award 2007-03-20 Finnish
Codenomicon awarded IT Achievement 2006 in Finland 2007-02-13 Finnish
Codenomicon Number One on the Asia Pacific Security Testing Market 2007-02-07 Finnish
Codenomicon Eyes Public Threats with Innovative (Proactive) Network Security Platform for 2007 2007-02-06
Codenomicon takes security and robustness testing to a new level 2007-01-09
Codenomicon First to Offer Full Solution for Testing VoIP Security 2006-03-13 Finnish
Codenomicon to Offer Bluetooth Robustness Test Tools Using Open Interface North America's BLUEmagic® 3.0 Protocol Stack 2006-01-31 Finnish
Codenomicon Releases Comprehensive Test Solution for ISAKMP/IKE 2005-11-16 Finnish
Codenomicon Enhances its Range of Protocol Robustness Testing Tools with a New SNMP Test Tool 2005-11-08 Finnish
New CEO to accelerate global growth for Codenomicon 2005-11-03 Finnish
Codenomicon discoves critical software vulnerabilities 2005-06-20 Finnish
Codenomicon raises 2.8 million EUR 2005-02-07 Finnish