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CROSS - Codenomicon Robust Open Source Software

The CROSS (Codenomicon Robust Open Source Software) program is designed to help open source projects fix critical flaws in their code.

Although in open source all code is available for inspection, bugs and vulnerabilities still plague it just like any other software. Large codebases are too complex to audit manually, automatic source code scanners do not provide perfect results, and many open source projects still have too few resources for dedicated testing. Codenomicon's CROSS program provides open source projects with full access to its award-winning DEFENSICS testing solutions, helping the projects find and fix a large number of critical flaws very rapidly. This differs radically from the traditional model of users and security researchers reporting bugs one by one, while the open source developers continually scrambling to fix the flaws with short notices and limited resources.

At the first phase of the CROSS initiative, Codenomicon has targeted 15-20 hand-picked open source projects. Codenomicon is committed to make CROSS a longer-term sustainable program, continuing to help many more open source projects over time, and embracing the chance to give something back to the booming open source community and its users.

For more information on CROSS

Contact Codenomicon Labs at info@codenomicon.com for details on the CROSS program or to learn how to get your open source application tested.