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Codenomicon Labs

Codenomicon Labs

CodenomiCON 2012 Presentations

iOS Hacker's Update

2012-07-24 - Charlie Miller, Accuvant, and Dino Dai Zovi, Trail of Bits

When Gadgets Betray Us

2012-07-24 - Robert Vamosi, Senior Analyst at Mocana

Fuzzy Friends: The Importance of Testing 3rd Party Software Used in Your Stack

2012-07-24 - Rob Cameron, Technical Director, Security Intelligence at Juniper Networks

Bug Triage: How to Get Non-security Testers Involved in the Security Bug Remediation Process

2012-07-24 - Jeremy Boone, Team Lead, Automated Code Analysis at Research in Motion

Unconventional Adversaries vs. Conventional Wisdom

2012-07-24 - Josh Corman, Co-Founder of Rugged Software and Director, Security Intelligence at Akamai Security

Zen and the Art of Cybersecurity

2012-07-24 - Ira Winkler, Chief Security Strategist at Codenomicon

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