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A Connected World Demands New Solutions for Network Defense

From the multitude of devices to the very network that connects the world, the telecommunications industry is rife with rich targets for hackers and attackers. According to industry analysts at Gartner, we can expect to see some 6 billion mobile users and 4.7 billion internet users by the year 2020. And analysts at IDC add that by 2020, we can also expect to see the machine- to-machine communications or “Internet of Things” expand into a $7 billion dollar industry, flooding the market with devices all looking to connect through the networks telecommunications providers must optimize, maintain and secure.

But network strength is not the only front that telecommunication providers must secure – they must secure the customer records and payment systems they now support. Consider just a few of the latest (and costly) attacks: a single breach at KT Corp in South Korea compromised 12 million customers, as criminals stole 11.5 billion won ($10.8 billion USD). Orange was hacked via web and mobile applications, leading to the theft of some 1.3 million customer records.

The heart of the connected world is under attack. Telecommunication service providers cannot wait or assume that devices or applications that are connecting to networks are secure. New, innovative and proven methods must be deployed as we work to build a more resilient and connected world.

A Better Path To Total Defense

Codenomicon provides a suite of next-generation solutions that help forge a better path to total defense. As carriers and network providers must work to identify, test and validate all critical interfaces, device manufacturers and distributors are working tirelessly to manage and mitigate issues from zero-day vulnerabilities. Codenomicon offers solutions and expertise across all aspects of telecommunications, bringing both carriers and manufacturers total confidence that the defense strategy being implemented is in knowledgeable and trusted hands.

The complexity of communication in next generation networks requires a deep understanding of the networks and the vast amounts of traffic crossing these connections. Codenomicon has been a trusted partner of communication service providers and device manufacturers for over a decade, working with leading telecommunications companies around the world.

Identify the Weakest Link and Bring the Unknown Into View: The unpredictability of device deployment adds strain to any communications network. To address the risk from the unknown, Codenomicon’s Defensics solution delivers the visibility by identifying unknown flaws and the most effective path to remediation. Supporting over 270 protocols, Defensics aids carriers and telecommunication equipment suppliers looking to quickly and efficiently test and secure any device, platform or protocol.

Proactive Application Verification and Vulnerability Identification: Every digital infrastructure is developed using equipment, software and firmware that can come from a wide variety of suppliers. AppCheck is Codenomicon’s complete software Verification and Validation (VnV) solution, enabling device manufacturers and health care providers to have a view into their digital resources, applications and software.

Codenomicon solutions focus on delivering true strength through visibility and proactive detection. This is why global telecommunications leaders have chosen to build in new levels of security and robustness to their networks with Codenomicon. From carriers like KPN, AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, Verizon, BT, Iskratel, and T-Mobile to device and network manufacturers like Cisco, Brocade, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper, Ericsson, Huawei, and Qualcomm, Codenomicon is an integral part of their improved security posture. To learn more about the Codenomicon solutions and services best suited for carriers, operators or device manufacturers contact You will be connected with a telecommunications industry expert who will help craft a path to optimal visibility and security.