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Patient Safety Demands a Better Path to Total Defense

By the year 2018, reports indicate that there will be over 70 million connected medical devices. As more devices are developed and more devices are connected, the reality looms that an attack that exploits a flaw within the very code operating these devices is imminent. Device safety is just one front on which the medical and healthcare industry must stay vigilant. Electronic health records have become the new standard for hospitals and physicians alike, leaving the door open to millions of patient files, including sensitive personal information, waiting to be stolen and exploited.

While recent headlines have focused on the theft of over 4.5 million patient records when hackers executed a Heartbleed flaw attack on Community Health Systems, a report from proves that this attack is merely the latest and not the first of its kind. In fact, between 2006 and 2012, medical and healthcare providers have experienced 767 security breaches resulting in the compromised confidential health information of 23,625,933 patients.

New mandates, from regulatory bodies, governments and from patients concerned that the devices that they will come to rely on are safe and totally secure, has amplified the need for new standards in healthcare and medical industry security and defense. This intense call to action must be met, proactively and decisively.

Building a More Resilient and Healthy World

Codenomicon provides a suite of next-generation solutions that help forge a better path to total defense. Individually, these solutions provide new layers of security testing, robustness, intelligence, collaboration and security to the devices and systems powering today’s medical industry. Together, they deliver strength through visibility.

For the device manufacturer, Codenomicon fulfills the requirements for regulatory-mandated security and robustness testing. By bringing both known and unknown vulnerabilities into clear view, manufacturers mitigate risk and liability and secure reputation and trust. For the caregiver and healthcare provider, vulnerable applications and software not only put patient records and information at risk, but also can place patient safety in jeopardy as failing systems from faulty software can directly impact the ability to deliver care.

Identify and Mitigate Unknown Vulnerabilities: What is needed are solutions that work to find the weakest security link in order to harden systems or eliminate flaws, which in turn strengthens business performance. Defensics is a next-generation security testing platform that provides the highest quality preemptive security and robustness. The FDA has selected Defensics as a testing solution within their cybersecurity testing laboratory, seeing the fuzz-testing based solution as one of the best on the market, as it provides both ongoing support and top quality output reports.

Proactive Application Verification and Vulnerability Identification: Every digital infrastructure is developed using equipment, software and firmware that can come from a wide variety of suppliers. AppCheck is Codenomicon’s complete software Verification and Validation (VnV) solution, enabling device manufacturers and health care providers to have a view into the digital resources, applications and software.

Codenomicon has long been committed to advancing security measures and protocols in the medical field, working actively with the FDA, as well as being an active voice on Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS) to enhance the security in solutions and devices in the healthcare industry. To learn more about the Codenomicon solutions and services best suited for device manufacturers, healthcare providers or hospital system, contact You will be connected with a medical industry expert who will help craft a path to optimal visibility and security.