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Who is Codenomicon?

Based on the belief that transparency and intelligence will deliver strength to the Core of systems, networks and complex infrastructures, the systems developed and tested with Codenomicon are built for optimal security. Founded in 2001, Codenomicon has deep roots in academia, having been originally spun out from the Oulu University Secure Programming Group and its successful PROTOS research project. In 2015, Synopsys completed its acquisition of Codenomicon to expand their presence in the software security market segment. Codenomicon offers a suite of solutions that empower organizations, governments, developers and users the highest degree of visibility and reliability, targeting known and unknown threats and providing accurate and actionable intelligence.

Codenomicon shines a bright light into complex systems and leverages actionable intelligence to reveal the next threats. Leading software and technology builders and buyers of technology have chosen Codenomicon to help bring the known and unknown vulnerabilities into clear view. Codenomicon delivers strength in visibility.

Our Solutions

Codenomicon provides a suite of next-generation solutions that help forge a better path to total defense. Individually, these solutions provide new layers of security testing, robustness, intelligence, collaboration and security. Codenomicon also offers an array or services that include testing, auditing, training and verification services to aid organizations seeking to advance and enhance their security profile.

Security, transparency and total system integrity are not goals; they are mandates being issued from the highest levels of business. Codenomicon looks to ensure the security and quality of the Core because the goal is clear – Secure the Core. Build a more resilient world.